6 Position Women’s Favorite

First : On top position
In this position your partner can decide to reach orgasm clitoris or explore the G-spot. If your partner want this position, do not reject it because when your spouse asks this position is in peak condition
Second : Sit Position
This position is favored by women, because this position to accelerate the G-spot stimulation, but the chance of premature ejaculation. Because the position normally do not do in bed, but the sensation felt more spontaneity. For example the woman sitting in a chair which is slightly higher up to par with men standing position during penetration
Third : Missionaris position (clasic)
This position creates closeness with your partner. This position allows all physical activities such as kissing, touching, squeezing, and so on. In this position can be done in the desired rhythm
Fourth :CAT Position (Coital Alignment Technique)
This relatively simple position, because these positions as missionaries, but the man’s body slightly forward so that the genitals first man to reach the clithorist
Fifth :Doggy style
This position is very common and is one of the men’s favorite, too, because it’s easier to touch her G-spot. This position is with a little effort can make your partner orgasm over and over again
Sixth :facing sideways Position
This position became a favorite with women because, the body is only attached on one side only. Penetration process may take longer and slowly. For this position more female pelvis movement to the sensation of making love face to wake up. In addition, this position is perfect for an easy man to ejaculate


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5 Responses to 6 Position Women’s Favorite

  1. Info mantap bin keren nih.

  2. SehatZBlog says:

    wow..informasi yang keren habis…

  3. ARIF'S says:


    thank's for comment……….

  4. Rossy R says:

    He he he… 17th+ euy..

  5. ARIF'S says:

    #Rossy R : sekarang bukan jamannya membatasi umur, anak smp aja udah banyak yang hamil sob

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