How To Make Animated Favicon

do you know how to make animated favicon like mine, if you don’t know the following step by step how to make animated favicon.

First : Open
Second :after the page opens, navigate to the bottom. you will get a form similar to the picture below

in the first form, fill in the picture who want to make a favicon and in the second form, fill in the text that will appear as an animated and then click generate favicon

Third : after the second page opens, will appear small image. select the animated picture on right click on the picture select copy image location.
or you follow the installation instructions. may be useful for you all.


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Opportunity only comes once, so if you have the opportunity to immediately capture. stop dreaming take action .......................
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2 Responses to How To Make Animated Favicon

  1. Rizkyzone says:

    sip mantab nih sob

  2. ARIF'S says:

    #mas rizky :
    makasih atas commentnya semoga artikelnya berguna

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