Trekpay – First Payout From Trekpay

After waiting for 2 weeks, finally yesterday 20 January 2010, trekpay paying me.
so you believe it, I give the following proof of payment from trekpay.

now already know that’s not a scam and for you who have not registered please click the link below.


About arifsatria

Opportunity only comes once, so if you have the opportunity to immediately capture. stop dreaming take action .......................
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8 Responses to Trekpay – First Payout From Trekpay

  1. Era says:

    i comment again bro!my shoutbox is new! check it out!

  2. ARIF'S says:

    #Doctor online : i'll check now….
    wait me friends…..

  3. ROCHIM BLOG says:

    Yes, I like trekpay…
    Aku juga lagi nunggu kiriman $5,54

  4. Hansom Boy says:

    Enak dong…..
    Salam Kenal Aja Sob…

  5. Rizkyzone says:

    selamat yah sob moga tambah semangat

  6. ARIF'S says:

    #Rochim Blog:
    Setelah dua minggu pasti nyampe sob. sabar ya
    #hansom boy:
    memangnya sobat belum daftar ya?
    sama-sama mas rizky

  7. Quality PTC says:

    Selamat sobat. Btw, berapa lama tuh nungguin dapet 5 dollar?

  8. ARIF'S says:

    #Quality ptc : Kalau ga salah sekitar 3 bulan sob wkwkwkwkwk

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