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After yesterday I wrote a story about promotburner and profiadvert, today I will give another two CPM business.
adal CPM business is a very easy business in the follow, because we do not bother looking for people who want to click on our ads. we are simply told to install banners and we will be paid in accordance with the amount of compression. the more crowded our blog pasangi banner, the more dollars we will get.

First named AdsMedia,

AdsMedia still a brother with promoteburner and Profiadvert. why I say still a brother? because the management of the three CPM business are the same, and I’m sure AdsMedia not a spam business. I actually have not received a payout from this business because I was just registered, but is not promoteburner spam business and management adsmedia still one adsmedia so I am sure the business is not spam.

The second named Easycpm,

viewed from the name alone is a business easycpm. the workings of this business with most of the business cpm. about spam or not this business please find out for yourself because I just follow this business yesterday.

I hope the above article adds to our knowledge of CPM business we can follow. to join in the business for over adsmedia CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE to easycpm, or click the image below by


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