malaysia dedicated server provider

In the last article I always discuss online business, in this article I will discuss a bit about the server provider. What exactly is a server provider, and what uses and functions of the dedicated provider.

The server is a computer system that provides certain services in a computer network. Server is supported with processors that are scalable and large RAM, also equipped with a special operating system, called the network operating system.
Server is also running administrative software that controls access to networks and resources contained in it, like a file or display devices, and provide access to a workstation network members.

Generally, in the server operating system there are many services that use architecture client / server. Examples of this service is DHCP Server, Mail Server, HTTP Server, FTP Server, DNS Server and virtual private server. so on. Each server operating systems generally bundle of services or service can also be obtained from third parties. Each service will respond to requests from clients. For example, the DHCP client will give the request to the server running DHCP server services; when a client needs an IP address, the client will give the command / request to the server, the language understood by the DHCP server, the DHCP protocol itself.

Seen from the function, the server can be categorized in several types, such as application servers (application server), data servers (data server) and proxy server (proxy server). Application server is a server that is used to store a variety of applications that can be accessed by the client, their own data servers used to store data used by the client either directly or data processed by the application server. The proxy server function to manage network traffic through proxy settings. Lay people know more about a proxy server to connect client computers to the Internet.

If you are looking for a server provider, I suggest you try malaysia dedicated server. due to the ability and technology and sophisticated equipment, I think malaysia dedicated server is ready or worth a try.With the above explanation, I think you already understand the function and usefulness of the server provider.
I hope the explanation above gives you a little extra knowledge about the server and the provider.

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