Best PTC Site In The World

How to register? follow step by step below

1. Please click here or click banner below

2. The site’s main page NeoBux you please look into the top right of the menu and click REGISTER
3. You will see a registration form as shown below:


* Username, please write as they pleased just one word without spaces, is to log into the member area later, so you should be able to remember.
* Password is your secret password to enter the member area, please select at will.
* Email is your email address, please make sure email address is valid.
* Alertpay / paypal email is email your paypal or alertpay, if you do not have a paypal account first, please join here.
* Birth year is the year of your birth.
* Image verification please match the image below. Do not use capital letters, please use lowercase letters only and the system will automatically read as a capital letter.
4. If everything is correct please click the CONTINUE button is yellow.
5.You will see a new page like the image below:


6. Leave this page open and now please go to your email address. If the page above you close it will automatically sign you will fail and your data will be in blacklist (you can not list anymore).
7.Find the email from NeoBux and find the confirmation code from NeoBux.

8. Copy the code (CTRL + C) and please return to the previous page of registration I affirm that you do not close it.
9. Paste the confirmation code you just sent to your email address on the form provided. And the results you can see in the example image below:

10. Enter Image Verification as shown (match the picture below) and then click once on the menu button FINISH REGISTRATION
11.Congratulations because you’ve just registered as a legitimate member in the program paid to click best in the world today


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Opportunity only comes once, so if you have the opportunity to immediately capture. stop dreaming take action .......................
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