Posting Between Old And New Posts

In this article Satria will share how to insert an article or post on the old posts and new posts.
What does that mean? ……………
That is, if you’ve ever made or written articles related to the article you are going to write now but you want your new article was written long before the articles.
To make it follow the steps below
1. Sign in to post pages as usual

2. Enter your news will post

3. When finished do not jump on publish post, set the first time you want in the post option

In the post date and time click schedule at

When posting your old post on 25 February 2010, set a new post 24 February 2010.
4. Then click publish post and see the results


About arifsatria

Opportunity only comes once, so if you have the opportunity to immediately capture. stop dreaming take action .......................
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1 Response to Posting Between Old And New Posts

  1. Rizkyzone says:

    pertamax aja deh sob…. g bisa bhsa inggris

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