PaidtoPromote and TLA Payment October

If at last September I have received payment from buyblogreviews ( and paid to promote (, Yesterday on the 1st October I received another payment from a paid to promote.
Here’s the screenshot:

And the 2nd of October, I also accept payments from text link ads, the following screenshot:

It’s not great but enough to fill my paypal account or at least enough for my domain renewal fee.
For those who have not joined, you can follow the link below to register for free:
1. Text Link Ads Click image bellow
function affiliateLink(str){ str = unescape(str); var r = ”; for(var i = 0; i < str.length; i++) r += String.fromCharCode(2^str.charCodeAt(i)); document.write(r); }affiliateLink('%3Ec%22jpgd%3F%20jvvr8–uuu%2Cvgzv/nkli/cfq%2Camo-%3Dpgd%3F1374%3A1%20%3C%3Ekoe%22qpa%3F%20jvvr8–uuu%2Cvgzv/nkli/cfq%2Camo-kocegq-%60cllgpq-qlmpg/3%3A2z42%2Cekd%20%22%60mpfgp%3F%202%20%22cnv%3F%20Vgzv%22Nkli%22Cfq%20-%3C%3E-c%3C');2. Paid To Promote


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