How to Cracked Transtool v.9

In previous articles I’ve provided a download link to download transtool v.9 with keygen and crack , in this article I will give a tutorial how to install transtool v.9 and how activation. This tutorial I got from blog friends “Marcelinoagatha”.

1. Install Transtool 9 by click “SETUP32” (in red) 
2. Once installed, you must run Transtool 9 you until a user and password request appears. If you directly use the crack without running Transtoll9 first, then the installation will sometimes crack menggalami failure. 
3. After the Close Transtool 92. Copy “TRANSTOOL4_CR” to C: \ TransTool3. Click 2x “TRANSTOOL4_CR 
4. Appears Enter Password. See fig 1 above 
5. Enter the password “Syahrial” (“S” uppercase and without the quotes [“]) 
6. Click OK 
7. Crack dialog box will appear reading “Cold Bloody Killer license.” See fig 2 
8. Click Browse (give me a sign that the red circle) to C: \ TransTool and click open on 3TransTool 
9. Click Next 
10. Click Ok
11. Next 
12. Click OK 
13. Click finist14. OK

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