Payment From November 2010

Before that, I’ll explain a little about
Teliad is one of a trusted online business opportunities. How to take this business very easy, we simply register and then register your blog to get approval from them.

After our blog was accepted there, we just wait advertiser is willing to put a link on our blog at specified prices. after all the above success, dollars will flow into our paypal every month in accordance with many or at least a link that we put on our blog.

I started joining in teliad approximately 1.5 months ago, after my blog on receive, I get the advertiser 15 days later. And today I am officially announcing that teliad is one of the trusted online businesses. Because today I receive payments from them based on links that I put on my blog. It is not how much, but for me is enough to fill my paypal acount.

Below screenshot details of payment from teliad in my paypal teliad.

For those of you who have not joined, you can click the image below or click here
teliad - the marketplace for text links

Register paypal Click here


About arifsatria

Opportunity only comes once, so if you have the opportunity to immediately capture. stop dreaming take action .......................
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2 Responses to Payment From November 2010

  1. A.D.M.I.N says:

    good luck for making money…..

  2. ARIF'S says:

    @A.D.M.I.N thank's for your comment and your appreciate

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